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Chupayotl is located to the South-East (lower right corner).

Chupayotl is an underwater city located in South-Eastern Lustria. Formerly a surface Temple-city inhabited by Lizardmen it was engulfed and submerged by the sea. [3a]

A major nexus of the geomantic web, Chupayotl was an important part of the Lizardmen empire. Through it the Slann of Lustria were able communicate with their counterparts of Zlatlan and vice-versa.

Fire Bogs

Wehn the city was suddenly lost to the sea, this caused a violent disruption of the Geomantic Web, unleashing wild magic across the nearby land and although Lord Mazdamundi was able to bring it under control it became the dangerous known as the Fire Bogs. [6a]


The city started to sink slowly and the Slann were unsure if this development was according to the will of the Old Ones. As the situation worsened the Skinks decided that the population and artefacts were to be evacuated for their own safety.

The Saurus gathered their Slann masters and began to carry them away. However it was too late: a sudden earthquake led to a gigantic tsunami which engulfed the city.[1]

The city is lost below the waves in 3984 IC [5a] in the Age of Recovery, [3a] an event not predicted by any of the plaques of the Old Ones. [5a]

It was a terrible blow for the Lizardmen; the loss of Chupayotl effectively divided the Lizardmen empire into two lesser realms. Both follow the Great Plan to the best of their knowledge and ability but are unable to coordinate their efforts.

Chupayotl didn't remain uninhabited for long; an unknown aquatic race colonised the city and now occasionally they rise to drag sailors down to their doom. [3a]

The Sea Engineer Mungrun Steelhammer accompanied an expedition by Estalian privateers to Lustria in one of his submersibles, hoping to explore the sunken city. His charts were able to direct the fleet to its location but only one Dwarf survived to return, rescued thirty years later from an Arabyan galley. All he would speak off was webbed claws and great, black eyes. [4a]

It was sacked by a Dark Elf expedition led by Lokhir Fellheart in 2422 IC where he claiming the Helm of the Kraken. [2a]

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