Circlet of Iron

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The Circlet of Iron is a artifact of tremendous Dark Magic. It is held by Malekith, the Witch-King of the Dark Elves.


Before the Sundering, Malekith led an expedition into the north in hopes of finding glory and expanding the Elven Empire, accompanied by his lieutenant Yeasir and several hundred companions. When they discovered an abandoned city of black obsidian, it was there that he would find one of the most powerful artifacts in the World. The Circlet of Iron was found in a chamber somewhere in the city, worn by the mummified remains of the city's leader. Once Malekith donned it on his head he was brought into a trance-like state. Worse yet, the mummified warriors in the chamber came to life and attacked Malekith's companions. In his trance, the circlet brought him visions of the Realm of Chaos. Then it brought him visions of the chaos that was happening in Ulthuan (the pleasure cults sowing their seeds of corruption). Malekith regained his senses and the skeletal warriors became inanimate again.[1]

He would continue to use this powerful item in his plans to gain the Phoenix Throne, and continued using it after he became the Witch-King of Naggaroth.

It was later on welded onto his helmet after his body had burned, making it a permanent part of him. This was done by Hotek with the help of the Hammer of Vaul.[2]

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