Citadel Compendium 01

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Citadel Compendium 01
Citadel Compendium 1 cover.jpg
Editor(s) Bryan Ansell
Released October 1983
Pages 46


  • Welcome, pg. 3
  • A Players Guide to Warhammer, pg. 4
  • Warhammer, the Continuing Saga, pg. 6
  • The Legend of Kremlo the Slann, pg. 12
  • Inter-goblinoid Animosity, pg. 18
  • The Citadel Giant, pg. 19
  • Miniatures Catalogue, pg. 20
  • Coming your Way - Two new Warhammer Supplements, pg. 31
  • The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Painting Miniatures, pg. 32
  • Warhammer and Science Fiction: Weapons, equipment, scenario ideas, pg. 34
  • The Mark of Chaos: Chaos Attributes, pg. 40


Welcome to the first CITADEL COMPENDIUM. Public demand has encouraged us to attempt to illustrate our entire range for the first time. We have opted for line illustrations in the main, as we find the printing of photographs in catalogues !o be a rather unpredictable process, and we believe that drawings are the best way of letting you know what the models actually look like;.we welcome your views on the subject! Of course, we can only show models available at the time of writinq, Citadelrs policy of systematically re-modelling the selection available across our entire range means that even as you read this the number of models available will have been changed and extended. Some codes will consist mostly of models from our old stalwart Fiend factory and Fantasy Tribe ranqes, but we are reworking our new codes at a rate of about three a month, and you can be sure that in the near future your'll be seeing exciting new models of which ever subjects particularly intefest you.

~ Welcome.