Clan Scruten

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Clan Scruten is a Warlord clan under the control of the Order of the Grey Seers. It was the venerable Seerlord Kritislik, leader of the order, who around 2000 IC led the clan to its new homeland in the Cursed Marshes and beneath Marienburg [1].

Its members, known as "scruts", are specialized in the arts of concealment and infiltration. Its tactics call for attacking from ambush whenever possible and avoiding direct fights.

The Grey Seers direct the Clan to carry out missions in civilized areas, where secrecy is the primary necessity. Units are commonly sent to recover or locate warpstone once its general location has been sensed by the Grey Seers. If the unit is unable to recover the warpstone themselves once it is located, they will gather as much information as they can before returning. The Grey Seers then decide how to recover the warpstone, sending a force led to the area by the same unit.

Units of the Clan are able to live off the land for long periods of time as they keep watch on the individual or area under investigation. Their motto translates as:

"With patience comes glimpses,
with glimpses comes information,
with information comes results."

Clan emblems abbreviate the motto to "Who Stares, Wins".

Clan Scruten carries out its missions using small groups of Skaven in order to remain undetected. After spending long periods of time together, unit discipline becomes rather informal and the leader is often addressed simply as "boss".

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