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This article is for the Skaven Skyre clans of the Mortal Realms. For the Great Clan from the World-That-Was see: Clan Skryre.

The Clans Skryre are rightly renowned for their ingenuity even if it often borders on madness, despite the fact that all Skaven are born cunning.[1]

They have created great and terrible machines of war in their vast factory burrows and insane warren-laboratories. They have also given skaven society fast and extremely unreliable transportation and communications systems.[1]

Frequently these devices are subject to catastrophic malfunction, especially on the battlefield but they can also turn the tide of a battle or even a war. The provision of such devices to the other clans has made Skryre very rich enabling them to invest in ever more outlandish and powerful devices.[1]


Age of Myth

The first skaven emerge into the Mortal Realms, and the first Great Clans are created, one of which is Skryre. It, like all the other Great Clans, claims it has created Blight City. [4c]

Age of Chaos

Arch-Warlock Warpskreech invades the Scabrous Sprawl in the Realm of Ghyran, using vast city sized war machines that can drain the life energy from the land itself. This is mainly in response to the huge success of Clans Pestilen's growing power in that realm. [4c]

As the great civl war rages in Blight City and even inside the Masterburrow, Arch-WarlockSnitterkrit and five other Lords of Decay are reduced to a pool of rot by Skreech Verminking who declares the war concluded and that all Skaven should focus on other enemies. [4c]

Age of Sigmar

The great parasite engines of Warpskreech are attacked by the Knights Excelsior and the conflict grows further in the Sprawl. [4c]

From the laboratory burrows of Clan Shyvik emerge the fleet of Warlock-Admiral Steelklaw, based on salvaged Kharadron Overlords airships - a bizarre concoction of warpfire barges, klawbombers, drigibles and lightning ships. Steelklaw names his host of aircraft as the Much-great Sky-kill Air Armada and they go onto score a number of victories over his enemies. [4c]

At the behest of Grey Seer Kritch, Clan Shokryk create voltvore engines to try and capture the souls of Stormcast Eternals - the attmept to use them on the Celestial Vindicators is a total disaster but experiments continue. [4c]

The Idoneth Deepkin enclave of Nautilar is invaded and plundered by a huge fleet of Skryre submarines and a number of Isharann are taken captive. [4c]

As the power of Clans Pestilens and Calns Skryre continue to grow, the two rivals begin a second great civil war in Blight City and beyond.[4c]


A Skryre clan is headed by a Arch-Warlock who commands the dubious loyalty of the Warlock Engineers who head Enginecovens - these take many forms but the most common are: [1]


The known Skryre clans include:


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Blacktail Skaven Skryre Warlock Bombardier Skaven Creator of the Rip-flinger.
Enkril Skaven Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven A stunted Skaven Warlock Engineer that supported Ripsnikk's Raiders on their invasion of the Dawnspire.
Kratchik Skaven Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Creator of a multi-barrelled version of the Warp Lightning Cannon.
Pitrikk Skaven Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven He was trapped on the Latchkey Isle and went insane.
Quell Skaven Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Creator of the Warp-Wheel and renegade with a price on his head from the Arch-Warlocks of Skryre.
Reeknik Skaven Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Whilst fighting Bonesplitter orruks he tried to destroy his allies in Clan Sputix
Shoktail Skaven Skryre Arch-Warlock Skaven He was enlisted by Lord Hakkrit of Clan Fang for his conquest of Mausol.
Skowl Scorchpaw Skaven Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven He led a team to steal a Daemon summoning bell from a Chaos Cult for Grey Seer Nezslik.
Skrach Skaven Skryre High Arch-Warlock Skaven A member of the Council of Thirteen who is often found in his armoured simulacrum.
Snikrit Skaven Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven He discovered a lost Duardin Hold and sought to build his own Sky-port
Steelklaw Skaven Skryre Warlock-Admiral (self titled) Skaven In the Age of Sigmar he created the Much-great Sky-kill Air Armada, which would inspire similar skaven air fleets.
Vileskrit Skaven Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Creator of the Scrabble-Chewer Parasite Engine.
Vrikt Skaven Skryre Arch-Warlock Skaven An Arch-Warlock of Clans Skryre.
Warpskreech Skaven Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Creator of the Drill-Stabber Parasite Engine.

Named Vehicles

Name Faction Class Type Description

Drill-Stabber Skaven Skryre Parasite Engine Terrestrial A Parasite Engine created by Warpskreech, built as a mix of giant rat and mosquito with a proboscis made to drain the land of it's life.
Scrabble-Chewer Skaven Skryre Parasite Engine Terrestrial A Parasite Engine created by Vileskrit, a city-warren whose mechanical maws chew through bedrock.
Suck-Gouger Skaven Skryre Parasite Engine Terrestrial
Warp-wheel Skaven Skryre War Machine Terrestrial A huge war-machine created by Warlock Engineer Quell, formerly of the Clan Skryre supposedly to assist Grand High Clawmaster Warpfang with his siege of the city of Excelsis.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Arch-Warlock Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Doom-Flayer Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Doomwheel Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Poisoned Wind Mortar Skaven Skryre Chaos Spire of Dawn booklet
Ratling Gun Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Skryre Acolyte Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Stormfiend Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Warlock Bombardier Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Warlock Engineer Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Warp Lightning Cannon Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Warp-Grinder Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll
Warpfire Thrower Skaven Skryre Chaos
Warplock Jezzail Skaven Skryre Chaos Warscroll

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