Cobra of Khemri

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The Cobra of Khemri was a barque owned by Marienburgers, the Sommerhaus Trading Company. [1a]

She was a three masted sailing ship with a serpent for a figurehead. [1a]


Lukas van Sommerhaus had her holds filled with fruit, timber and furs and set sail for Ulthuan, despite not having a trade agreement with the Sealords of Lothern but Eril Feyfarer offered him the chance to trade, if he was allowed passage home with them. [1a]

For his own reasons, the Slann Mage-Priest Tlaco'amoxtli'ueman made an adjustment to the Geomantic Web which enveloped the ship in a storm and drove it towards Lustria. As the ship is increasingly battered by the storm and foremast crashes down, the crew decide to placate the sea by sacrificing Hiltrude and Diethelm to Stromfels but were stopped by Ethril. [1b]

The storm raged for two full days before it was driven ashore in Lustria, the keel snapped by the twisted grey rocks. [1c]

Crew and Passengers


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