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Coeddil is one of the most Ancient Tree Lords of Athel Loren. During the Battle of Anguish in IC -813, Coeddil with the help of Ariel killed the foul corrupter and child of Chaos, Cyanathair. However five hundred years following the battle, Coeddil, perhaps driven by a last taint of Cyanathair's madness sought to disrupt the rebirth of Orion in an event which since has become known by the Wood Elves simply as 'The Betrayal'. Coeddil did not sleep that particular winter like most other Forest Spirits, and with his Dryad handmaidens descended upon the King's Glade whilst Ariel and Orion slumbered in the Oak of Ages

Coeddil slaughtered all the Elves he could find, for if no Wild Riders lived to lead the ritual of Orion's rebirth, he would be extremley weakened if he could be summoned at all.

As Elven blood was spilt upon the ground in the King's Glade, Ariel was abruptly awakened from her slumber. In a rage, which was an extremley rare occurence for the avatar of Isha, she sped with all haste to the furious fighting between Coeddil and the Wild Riders. Against Ariel's power the mighty Tree Lord could not endure and was cast down by the power of Isha. Though Ariel dearly wished to slay the spirits for the damage they had caused and the blood they had shed, she could no more end their existence than sever a portion of her own soul, for Coeddil was still bound to Athel Loren, and Ariel was bound to the forest. Instead she banished the Tree Lord, and his followers to the dark and wild corner of Athel Loren; The Wildwood.

Since that day the Wildwood has been encircled with a fence of waystones, imprisoning Coeddil and his followers amongst the shadow-glades, and no Elf has since set foot under the eaves of the Tree Lord's prison. In the many years since 'The Betrayal', Coeddil has been in contact with the Branchwraith Drycha, but to what extent or purpose is unknown.


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