Cold One Cavalry

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Cold One Rider

Cold One Cavalry consist of Saurus or Skink warriors riding on the Cold Ones.

They are a recent addition to the Lizardmen army, for only a few decades has passed since the first spawning of the Saurus with the innate talent for controlling the creatures. Those Saurus have developed sharp dewclaws with which to control their bestial mounts, freeing their hands for both heavy shield and spear. They are nearly always used for side charges, to boost their already formidable hitting power with the element of surprise.[1][2]

Skinks in the Southlands ride Horned Ones, smaller but more aggressive Cold Ones as the larger reptiles have all but died out. These hunt in packs which are able to take on much larger prey. [4b]

Weapons and Equipment

Cold ones attack using their speed and lead with their scythe-like claws to disembowel their enemies and prey before clamping down with jaws to tear off a chunk a flesh. [5a]

  • 5th Edition: Cold One, Hand Weapon, Shield, Spear.[3a]
  • 6th Edition: Cold One, Hand Weapon, Shield, Spear. May have Musician, Spawning Champion, Standard Bearer. May have Magic Standard. [4a]
  • 6th Edition: Horned One Riders: Hand Weapon, Horned One, Shield, Spear. May have Brave, Musician, Standard Bearer. May have Magic Standard. May have Sacred Spawnings. [4b]
  • 8th Edition:: Cold One, Hand Weapon, Shield. May have Spear. May have Musician, Pack Leader, Standard Bearer. [5b]




In 5th Edition, it was only Great Crested Skinks that rode Cold Ones being much bigger and stronger than normal skinks. [3a]


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