Colleges of Magic

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Colleges in Altdorf

The Colleges of Magic are an established learning centre for magicians and Wizards throughout The Empire. Primarily based in Altdorf, there is one college for each of the Winds of Magic, each of which forms the nexus of one of the orders. Each has its own masters, and the sorcery of each is different and distinct from the others, although all remains part of the great source of magic: Chaos.

Originally established by the High Elf archmage Teclis at the request of Magnus the Pious, in 2304 IC, following the Great War against Chaos and Magnus's ascension to the Imperial throne, the Colleges have flourished into fantastic learning centres from which most, if not all, the Battle Wizards of the Empire have originated. Indeed the practice of magic beyond the strictures of the Colleges of Magic is utterly forbidden and is a crime punishable by the most painful death.

The master of the Colleges of Magic is known as the Supreme Patriarch and his word is law in all matters magical throughout The Empire. The Winds of Magic blow strongest for the Supreme Patriarch's order and fellow Wizards of that order find their powers greatly enhanced during his reign. Only once every 8 years may the Supreme Patriarch's rule be challenged, a Wizard may challenge him to a magic duel, with the winner becoming the new Master of Magic.


There are eight different orders of wizards in the Empire:

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