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The Collegiate Arcane is a faction of sorcerous artisans that create magical devices to siphon and channel the magic of the Mortal Realms into powerful spells. Whenever the armies of Azyrheim need magical support it is the Collegiate Arcane they turn to.[1]


The humans had mastered the ways of magic long ago and during theAge of Chaos many wizards from various cultures, magocracies and kingdoms refuge in Azyrheim. Sigmar decided that this wisdom must be preserved at all costs and thus the Collegiate Arcane was founded. The Towers of the Eight Winds were constructed in the skies above Azyrheim, kept aloft by powerful enchantments so that they drift above the Eternal City like glimmering stone candles. Each of these structures is an arcane laboratory and college dedicated to the study of the mystic lore and recovered artefacts of one of the Eight Realms. Since the dawn of the Age of Sigmar the Collegiate has constructed towers and academies of magic in all of the major free cities and are called forth the survival of those cities are threatened by magic.[1][4a]


Unlike the aelven seers of the Eldritch Council, their talents are not instinctive. They require arcane foci and esoteric devices to channel the magic into sorcery. They work their spells by using celestial orreries, etheric lenses and other enchanted objects like staves, masks, hourglasses and orbs.[1]

Battlemages, the wizards of the Collegiate spend a decade of their lives studying at each of the Sky Towers and only the most venerable of their number can be considered experts in all eight disciplines and ascend to the rank of Grandmaster of the Collegiate.[4a]

Wizards are suffused with the particular energies of the realm in which they were born, thus a Battlemage hailing from the Bright Plains of Hysh may learn to call upon the powers of the Shadow Realm to wreathe themselves and their allies in darkness but are far more potent when using the magic of Hysh such as calling upon the Guardians of Pha, magical entities from Hysh that shield those who summon them with barriers of radiant luminescence.[4a]

In battle they cast searing bolts of fire or snaking lighting or murderous shadows. Others create protective wards and shields around their allies. They are also called upon to stop Daemon chicanery or help them controlling the Realmgates. When more drastic measures are needed the Collegiate deploys magical warmachines such as the Luminark of Hysh and the Celestial Hurricanum.[1][4a]


The Collegiate is not allowed to maintain its own permanent armed forces but instead will hire Freeguild soliders to escort mages or for other related tasks, these can often be long term contracts where the soldiers ensure that the Collegiate's interests are upheld. [3a]



Name Faction Unit Species Description
Aelhad Collegiate Arcane Battlemage Human The senior representative of the Collegiate in the city of Glymmsforge in the Realm of Shyish
Ahom Collegiate Arcane Battlemage Human Titled Reconciler and the senior of three mages that were part of the reclaimation of Caddow in the Realm of Shyish
Phylebius Crade Collegiate Arcane High Thaumaturge Human The High Thaumaturge and senior representative of the Collegiate in the city of Lethis in the Realm of Shyish
Dhowmer Collegiate Arcane Battlemage Human A magister of the city of Lethis in the Realm of Shyish
Ilesha Dune Collegiate Arcane Battlemage Human She entered Shadespire in search of knowledge.
Jerob Collegiate Arcane Battlemage Human One of the three mages sent by the collegiate to assist in the reclaimation of Caddow in the Realm of Shyish
Maerilla Collegiate Arcane Magister-Supreme Human The Magister-Supreme of Vandium.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Battlemage M01.jpg
Battlemage Collegiate Arcane Order Warscroll
Battlemage on Griffon M01.jpeg
Battlemage on Griffon Collegiate Arcane Order Warscroll
Celestial Hurricanum M01.jpg
Celestial Hurricanum Collegiate Arcane Order Warscroll
Luminark M01.jpeg
Luminark of Hysh Collegiate Arcane Order Warscroll



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