Common magic Items

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These magical items are common throughout the Warhammer world, and are as likely to be used by a rabble of Orcs, as they are likely to end up in the High Elf host.

Magic Weapons

Sword of the Striking

This sword is able to shift itself at critical moments, helping to bypass the enemy parries and land the blow.

Sword of Battle

This blade is renowned for unnatural speed of its movement, greatly increasing the bearer's combat prowess.

Sword of Might

While this blade is usually light, it weight increases greatly as it comes into contact with enemy's flesh, creating devastating wounds.


Talisman of Protection

The weak wards inside this talisman can delay the hostile blow and at times even rebound it from the wearer.

Arcane Items

Staff of Sorcery

Often used by the wizards, this staff helps to counter the foul (or otherwise) wizardry of the enemies.

Dispel Scroll

This scroll is only used when the enemy manages to conjure something truly terrible, like the Vampires chanting their terrible incantation or the Grey Seer unleashing their Thirteen's Spell. Then, as soon as the scroll is read, it dissolves into powerful counter-magic, dispelling anything the magic users have cast, no matter how powerful.

Power Stone

When shattered, this stone releases a gale of magic, generally providing enough power to cast the required spell.

Magic Banners

War Banner

This banner spurs on the soldiers around it, encouraging them to continue fighting.