Conclave of Light

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The Conclave of Light was a gathering of the powerful to decide how to defeat the Storm of Chaos. [1a]

The Conclave took place in the House of Luitpold in Altdorf - a vast gothic building able to host all of the delegates as well a the vast number of scribes, attendants, companions, spokespeople and administrators as well as others.

On day 17, the Dwarfs pledged their aid but it was not until the Conclave had been in session for thirty days that Teclis arrived. [1a]

A number of the Electors wanted to fight the invasion although Stirland, Talabecland and Wissenland suggested a defensive battle. [1a]

After appeals for immediate aid from Kislev, Thungrimsson pledged that Garagrim Ironfist and 1200 Slayers would march to fight with them. [1a]