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Each Seraphon Constellation - is a large army. It consists of many cohorts of Saurus, Skinks and monsters. There are a lot of Seraphon Constellations which tend to bear certain similarities. The most obvious being that they are discerned by the Slann and based upon the astral alignments of planets and stars. Sometimes the composition of a Constellation will depend on the necessity of a Slann to tackle a particular enemy or because it is a reflection of the portentous shape of planets and stars. It's also possible that the constellation reflects both possibilities.[1]

Seraphon Constellation resolve around the central core star of the Slann Starmaster. Less bright are the stars of the Oldbloods and Starseers. Next to them are cohorts of each starhost that appeared like carpet of jewels upon the sky.[1]

Often Constellations named after zodiacal creatures in the sky or after Slaan legends.[1]

Known Seraphon Constellations