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A group of corsairs and a captured slave.

Corsairs are ruthless seaborne raiders of the Dark Elves. They ply their bloody trade mainly on the Black Arks, while others sail the sea on raiding vessels. These warriors also sell their services of battle to aspiring Dreadlords who wish to raid towns and coastal settlements.[5a]

The home of the Corsairs are the Black Arks, and their lives are devoted to plundering the lands of other others. Corsairs are celebrated among Dark Elf society for their daring and drive to gain riches and glory despite the risks. They return to Naggaroth after years of raiding, often with enough slaves and plunder to establish themselves as princes. [5a]


In 554 IC a corsair fleet is dragged beneath the waves by strange submersible craft half ship and half kraken. Only one of the Druchii survives, and his tales of needle-fanged warriors from the depths are dismissed as salt-madness. [7a]


  • Megara: A Corsair captain whose arrangement with the vampire Queen Neferata lasted from -1146 to -900 (Imperial Calendar), Neferata supplied her with Tilean slaves in exchange for not raiding the city of Sartosa. [1]


The Corsairs often feel a kinship with Mathlann, seeing him as a powerful force of destruction that lays waste to ships, ports and entire coastlines - much as they do. In addition, they are aware that placating the King of the sea and storms is wise for those who spend much of their lives on the ocean. [6a]

Weapons and Equipment

In battle Corsairs arm themselves with viciously serrated and curved swords, as well as compact one-handed repeating crossbows. They also equip themselves with barbed nets and grapples in order to capture escaping victims. [5a] Protection is provided by cloaks made from the scales of cratures such as the Sea Dragon, these are incredably resistant to attacks and only the most powerful of weapons can ignore such a defence. [3a]

  • 4th Edition: Sea Dragon cloak and Sword, may have additional Hand Weapon, Repeating Crossbow and Magical Standard. [3b]
  • 6th Edition: Light Armour, Sea Dragon cloak, Two Hand Weapons, may have a magic Standard. May have Reaver, Musician and Standard Bearer. [4a]
  • 7th Edition: Light Armour, Sea Dragon cloak, Two Hand Weapons, may have a magic Standard, swap Hand Weapon for Handbow. May have Reaver, Musician and Standard Bearer. Reaver may have a pair of Handbows. [5b]




To sail with a Black Ark is one of the greatest honours that any Druchii could ever aspire to. I trained long, and hard to earn my berth upon the Wind of Damnation, slaying several undeserving rivals to the post along the way. It is a worthy life. I get to regularly practice my skills upon our many enemies and one tenth of the plunder that I seize is mine to keep. Slaves, gold and fame, these too can be yours if you are bold.

~Teilancarr, Druchii Corsair .[2]


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