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Banner of the Kingdom

Cothique is one of the ten High Elf kingdoms or realms of Ulthuan and one of the Outer Kingdoms.

It is located in the north of the continent, and is relatively densely populated.


The land is well known by the High Elves for its grey shale beaches and towerng sheer cliffs whilst the wild seas that surround them have many fierce predatos such as Sea Serpents and Megalodons [1a]


Most of Cothique's citizens live along the coast, and it is from here that most of the accomplished High Elf mariners hail from. Many of them are filled with wanderlust adn they are never happier when aboard a ship sailing as a trader or warship, sometimes even as raiders. [1a]

Elves from Cothique are considered more superstitious and often devout worshipers of Mathlann and his children, with warriors bearing images of them on their shields. [1a]


Silver Helms of the kingdom are renowned for being able to fight mounted aboard their warships. [1a]


The main industries are fishing, shipbuilding and trade, whose routes extend to the Old World.


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