Elector Count of Ostland

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The Elector Count of Ostland is the ruler of Ostland, a northern province of The Empire. This noble title is usually passed on in a hereditary fashion.

Being of the fifteen Electors, the counts of Ostland cast one of the votes in the election of a new Emperor. They hold their court in the town of Wolfenburg, Ostland's capital.

The current ruler of Ostland is Valmir von Raukov; he is a hardened warlord who constantly protects his province against enemy incursions.

Known Counts

known rulers of Ostland
name reign notes sources
Wolfila unclear, around 1 IC King of the Udoses The Life of Sigmar, Needs Citation
The Empire at War, chapter Unity of Forces - The Battle of Black Fire Pass
Conn Carsten around 8 IC War-Chief of the Udoses Empire (Novel) pg. 181
Konrad unknown Grand Prince, defeated Gorkfang’s Orc army at Battle of Nebelheim. WFB 6th Ed Core Rules pg. 199
Valmir von Raukov ? - present current ruler Uniforms & Heraldry of The Empire, pg. 9
Warhammer Armies: The Empire (4th Edition), pg. 73
Warhammer Armies: The Empire (6th Edition), pg. 49
Warhammer Armies: The Empire (7th Edition), pg. 22

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