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A coven throne of the Lahmian Sisterhood

Coven Thrones are ostentatious palanquins that some vampires ride upon to battle. [1a]

Vampires are powerful individuals and some refuse to walk in the mud and worse of a battlefield, or even to ride a beast stinking of the grave - for such lords and ladies only a gilded Coven Throne will suffice. These palanquins are made from bone, held aloft by bound spirits - often those who died in helpless thrall to the lady who reclines upon the throne they now carry. beautiful handmaidens recline at their leisure, enticing and beguiling mortals with a air kiss, a glance or a subtle beckoning finger. [1a]

The Lahmian Sisterhood in particular favours such creations, members of that exalted organisation often being hedonistic and self-indulgent, who even in battle must present a perfect image of culture and majesty. Rare silks and magical artefacts are strewn artfully amongst the cushions and other finery. Some in the Sisterhood are highly skilled in the arts of foretelling and bring a enchanted scrying bowl, filled with fresh blood of a virgin so their handmaidens can practice their skills. [1a]

Despite their decadent appearance, in battle they are exceedingly deadly as enemies that attempt to assault them may be enthralled by the charms of the thrones occupant - only to fall victim to her handmaidens blades, the grasping hands of the Spirit Host or even be turned against their comrades. [1a]



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