Crown of Destruction Issue 1

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Crown of Destruction Issue 1
Crown of Destruction Issue 1 cover 001.jpg
Cover Artist Karl Richardson
Released September 2008
Followed by Crown of Destuction Issue 2

This is the first part of a 4 issue comic book series.

Characters include:


The story begins with Brecht sacrificing a man to keep himself hidden from the Skaven, then moves to Sergeant Frohlich and his Averlanders in Wissenland, talking of his previous, ill-fated campaign haing been relegated to a border patrol. They arrive at an area where men have been disapearing and send hunters into the woods to scout out for any enemy - they discover skaven and are killed as they raise the alarm. The initial skaven assualt is quickly wiped out but then a much larger force of the ratmen arrives and demands that the man-things return their crown or die!