Crown of Destruction Issue 2

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Crown of Destruction Issue 2
Crown of Destruction Issue 2 cover 001.jpg
Cover Artist Karl Richardson
Released October 2008
Preceded by Crown of Destruction Issue 1
Followed by Crown of Destruction Issue 3

This is the second part of a 4 issue comic book series.

Characters include:


Not possesing any kind of crown, Sergeant Frohlich suggests to his officer that they scout the area as its likely to be nearby. They discover a small mansion and find it defended by the [undead]] who they fight their way through, discovering a magical ritual being performed by Brecht on a captive skaven. They subdue him with some losses and secure the strange crown he was conducting the ritual with and return to camp. Brecht warns them to let him go before his lord arrives, even as the sky darkens with a great swarm of bats.