Crown of Destruction Issue 3

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Crown of Destruction Issue 3
Crown of Destruction issue 3 cover 001.jpg
Cover Artist Karl Richardson
Released November 2008
Preceded by Crown of Destruction Issue 2
Followed by Crown of Destruction Issue 4

This is the third part of a 4 issue comic book series.

Characters include:


Brecht tells his tale of how he entered the service of a Vampire Lord and delved deep into the art of necromancy researching the secrets of eternal life. He discovered that although most skaven were short lived, their leaders were not and he sought the secrets of their warpstone devices including a crown which he stole. As he finishes, the vampire lord arrives on a Zombie Dragon, tearing his way into the tent and ripping the greatsword officer apart. Frohlich escapes with the crown in a box, pursued by another vampire, Volker. The lord interogates Brecht before draining him of his blood. The skaven now attack the Empire forces before the vampire lord intervenes, scattering their assault but he then demands the crown for himself.