Crucible of Horrors

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The Crucible of Horrors is a flasks of meteoric iron that contains a screaming, seething vortex of energy. [1]


It has been sought out by wizards, kings, arch-sorcerers and tryants who have used its powers to slaughter armies and devestate cities. However many have found that the crucible is both dangerous and treacherous before falling victim to it. [1]


It can be used to cast the following spells:[1]

  • Dark Tide: a flood of dark energy is unleashed against a group of enemies. [1]
  • Riven Horror: The shadows errupt with black tentacles that drip with venom and attack all within reach. [1]
  • Shadow Beast: A monster recently slain is reborn under the control of the beaer of the Crucible. [1]


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