Crystal of Fire

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Crystal of Fire

Crystal of Fire is an extremely powerful magical artefact created by the Dwarfs. [1a]

Crystals of Power

There are three other Crystals:


It was created around -3500 IC during the golden age of the Dwarfs however their creation drew the attention of Tzeentch who intervened and imbued them with additional power but also a number of flaws. [1a] Their power and flaws combined meant that mortals were not strong enough to hold onto the crystals and they became scattered. [1a]

It was looted by the Orc Torgoch who later became the leader of Bloodaxe Alliance and it remained with him to his death and beyond. [1b]


On its own it has a formidable array of powers that can be used including making the wielder immune to fire of any kind - the flames are sucked into the crystal to power it. It also stops any Water Elemental from coming within 20 yards. The crystal can be used to cast flame related spells and summon (but not command or banish) Fire Elementals. Finally due to the intervention of Tzeentch in its creation it sometimes manifest powers in a way not quite intended by the wielder. [1c]