Cult of Adamnan-Na-Brionha

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Cult of Adamnan-Na-Brionha is the organised worship of the Adamnan-Na-Brionha, the Lord of the Dance by Wood Elves, especially Wardancers. [1a]

The cult is only open to Elves and new initiates must have been a Wardancer first. [1a]

Friends and Enemies

Good terms with other Elf gods and a condescending but positive attitude towards the human god Rhya and the Old Faith and get on with the Cult of Ranald but ignores other gods of humanity. The gods of the Dwarfs are considered amusing.[1a]

Holy Days

Events and actions are more important than specific days


Formal temples are not used - he is worshipped in the hearts of his followers not in a specific place. [1a]


Clerics of the Cult use Battle, Petty and some illusionary magic. [1a]


Entering combat with righteous anger, joy and fighting with deadly elegance plesae the god. Killing in a cowardly or mean spirited manner does the opposite. [1a]

  • Keep onself fit and supple at all times.[1a]
  • Never act in a manner that threatens the good of the Elf race. [1a]


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