Cult of Chotek

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The Cult of Chotek is the organised worship of the God and Old One, Chotek. [1]

He is venerated by both Saurus and Skinks as the bringer of warmth and energy. [1]

Servants of the god carry reflective icons and have arms and armour of gleaming gold. [2]


All of the Lizardmen Temple-Cities have a temple to Chotek with the largest in Hexoatl and each is able to harness the power of the sun. [1]

  • Pteli-Sevaaliz: The temple in the city contained the Totem of Stiqinsekt which provides protection against Necromancy but the temple was ruined by a conflict between the Slann Lords Bloch and Skrin over when it should be used. [3]

Sacred Hosts of Chotek



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