Cult of Illumination

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The Cult of Illumination is a Chaos Cult in the Empire.[1a]

It is an fraternal underground organisation of artists, musicians, politicans and merchants that worship Slaanesh and Tzeentch seeking fame, money and power. [1a]


It was Drachenfels, the Great Enchanter who began the cult, setting up the first Grand Illuminator Johanne Graumann who then in turn recruited the initial Circle of the All-Seeing in Altdorf. [1b]

He began with nobles and expanded to include artist who could sway both the upper and lowere classes. [1b]


They are found in the great cities of Altdorf, Nuln and Talabheim [1a] with the central location and home of the Grand Illuminator being in Altdorf. [1c]


In the early 2500s IC, the Grand Illuminator is Klaus von Talber, advisor to a lord of Altdorf. [1e]


At lower levels they cult is split into two different and seperate brotherhoods who new members are led to believe are supporting their chosen profession. Once the true nature is revealed, a member can either be a sacrifice or bow down before their new masters. [1a]

The head of the cult is the Grand Illuminator whose word is law, below him are eleven Prefects of the Circle of the All-Seeing with three overseeing cult affairs in each city and two having the tast of influencing the Elector Counts. [1c]

Below the Circle is the Order of the Star which has its own Grand Master and who are responsbile for day-to-day workings of the organisation.[1e] Below them are the Beacons, raised up to give a blood oath of loyalty but kept unaware of the true nature of the Cult. Finally there are the Unlit Candles who are the new recruits. [1d]


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