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Priest of Manann

The Cult of Manann is the organised worship of the God Manann.[6a]


Manann is the God of Sea and Rivers, the son of Taal and like his father embodying a powerful force of nature. [1a]

The moon Mannsleib or Beloved of Manann is believed by the cult to influence the tides of the oceans. [1b]


Before the time of Sigmar, Manann was the patron god of the Endals, dwelling on the northern coast and the people of Tilea dwelling in Asur ruins began worshipping a god that resembled Mathlann. [7b]

As the Empire was created, the cult enveloped river gods, who became known as his offspring, aspects of the god or rivals. In Tilea, he became a god alongside Myrmidia and Verena with a grand chapel founded in Miragliano. [7b]

The cult took little part in the politics and civil wars of the Empire but instead focussed on exploration across the oceans. When Magnus the Pious sought to reunite the Empire, the cult mocked him at first, but their god was displeased and sent Triton to express this, ensuring the Cult quickly joined the fight against Chaos. [7b]

At the Battle of Manann's Teeth, ships of the Cult joined with Bretonnian and Imperial warships to defeat a plague fleet sailing towards the Old World. [7b]

A crusade was declared by the Cult against pirates and followers of Stromfels, even sending an expedition against Sartossa, although this failed. [7b]

Storm of Chaos

The temple of Manann at Salkalten was spared the wrath of the forces of Chaos with a powerful storm that covered the city forcing the invaders to divert away from the town. [6a]

Holy Books

  • Acta Nautica Ex Odrallus: Recounts Odrall's voyages of discovery. [7b]
  • Liber Manann: [6a] 11 volume myth cycle of the god. [7b]
  • Of Sea and Man: [6a] The 1000 Chanties: A collection of songs, chanties and Hymns. [7b]
  • Tales of the Albatross: [6a] Ritual and prayers. [7b]

Holy Days

  • Spring and Fall Equinox. [6a]


The cult has the most influence in Marienburg but is also prominent in Nordland. In Bretonnia, it is mostly considered a religion for peasants with the notable exceptions of Bordeleaux and L'Anguille. He is known as Mathann in Tilea, the cult especially strong in Miragilano and Remas. [7b]

Every dock in the Reikland has a shrine to the god. [1a]

  • Marienburg: The city is the seat of the High Priest and the centre of the Cult. [1a] A huge cathedral to the god rises at the south end of Heiligeiland (Holy Isle). Over two thousand years old, its cornerstone is said to have been laid by Marius following his victory over the Fimir. It had to be rebuilt in 1602 IC after being burned down by Bretonnian mercenaries. The new building is faced in bright white limestone with three tall bell towers sheathed in gold in imitation of Manaan's great trident. The great altar is carved from a single stone and according to legend, Marius himself stood atop of when he proclaimed the foundation of the city and its loyalty to Manaan. Behind the altar, rather than a statue of Manaan the curving wall of the apse holds a large glass window that gives a view into a vast aquarium, a gift from the Phoenix King in gratitude for the cult's support of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce. [2a]
  • Manannsheim: A island monastery off Nordland. [7b]
  • Miragliano: Grand Chapel of Mathann, second only to the Cathedral in Marienburg and claims supreme authority over the cult in the southern Old World. [7b]
  • Salkalten: A great temple to the god, which was spared from the Storm of Chaos when Manann sent a storm to force the hordes of Chaos inland. [3a]
  • Salzenmund: The Cathedral of Manann Resplendent is the grandest and most politically influential temple of the sea god in the Empire. The wave lord represents the faith of Nordland’s coastal peoples, its seaborne trade, and its fleet. [5a][5b]


Many priests of the god are born in communities on the coast or along the river where the Cult is an important part of daily life. An Initiate will accompany a priest, learning and performing chores in the temple and/or on board ship. [7a]

To be ordained, the Initiate must undergoe a ordeal such as being exposed to the sea or a storm. Fully ordained Priests bless new ships and those heading out to sea, tend to the spritiual needs of crews and their families both on land and on the waves. [7a]

Many priests are former sailors and so are quick to be involved in the daily life and work of a ship. The lead prayers at each watch and deliver sermons, sing hymns and working songs as well as marking significant times and landmarks. Finally they seek to gain favour with the god on behalf of the vessel. [7a]

Although there is a High or Arch Priest, there are very few Lectors or Arch Lectors, the individual Temples being allowed to govern themselves. Many of the clergy are ex-seamen and marines. Warrior Priests of the cult are often found on board imperial warships or patrolling river boats and also advise Admirals of the Empire. [1a]


Priest of the cult wear robes in colours reminiscent of water such as turquoise or blue-green. Talismans in the shape of sea creatures, birds or shells as well as the crown of the god are popular. [7a]

Sub Cults

Many smaller cults worship a specific aspect of Manann. [3a]

  • Manas: God of Tides, venerated by Navigators. [6a][7b]
  • Manhavok: Worshipped in a few villages in Stirland, far from any salt water - they await the time when the sea cleanses all the lands. [3a][6a][7b]
  • Manult: Lord of the Bounty of the Sea who finds worshippers in fishermen all along the coasts of the Empire and up the River Reik all the way to Carroburg. [3a][6a][7b]
  • Olovald: Spirit of the Wasteland Delta whose whorshippers claim that Manann is actually an aspect of their god. [6a]


Apart from the universal stricture to not tolerate the worship of the Shark God, many of these are sailors superstitions and hence individual priests decide which they favour. They include: [1a]

  • Obey your Captain. [1a][6a]
  • Never look back to port when departing. [1a]
  • Never kill an albatross. [1a][6a]
  • Do not embark on a voyage on the thirteenth day. [1a][6a]
  • The first fish of a catch or the first coin of payment must be thrown in the sea. [1a]
  • Do not say the word Drowned at sea. [6a]
  • A cat aboard a ship provides Good/Bad Luck.
  • A naked woman aboard a ship calms the sea - which gave rise to the many naked figureheads. [6a]
  • Do not whistle aboard a ship or within a temple. [6a]


Priests of the cult wear blue-grey or turquoise robes. [1a]

  • The Albatross
  • A Five pointed star. [1a]
  • The Trident. [1a]



Here we stand in the centre of the cult that made Marienburg what it is - all that we are, we owe to the Lord of the Waves and Storms!

~ Priest of Manann.[2a]


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