Cult of Ranald

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The Cult of Ranald is the organised worship of the Goddess Ranald. [1a]

Ranald is largely worshipped in the larger towns and cities of the Old World, by gamblers, thieves, rogues and the lower classes. Ranald and his followers have two basic sets of enemies: the authorities and violent rogues.

So-called Shrine-clubs exist as both social and religious bodies. [2a]

While the worship of Ranald is not in itself illegal in the Old World, those openly displaying the symbols of the God of Thieves are naturally subject to distrust. Those who are arrested and punished are usually considered guilty of some crime be it either theft or otherwise.

Violence is adhored by the cult, its use being seen as failure and the best crimes are those that go undiscovered for months. [1a]


Rather than formal buildings, the temples to the god are back alleys, brothels, gambling halls and taverns. [1a] There is seldom more than one shrine per city ward but they can also be found in some Merchant Guild Halls. [2a] A Shrine is usually able to be quickly be concealed and/or taken apart often just a simple bench with a sculpture of a cat or crow. [2a]

A formal temple to the god does exist in Marienburg - complete with gold statues and vaulted ceilings. [2a]


The priests of the god are con artists, gamblers, thieves and tricksters although some are simply hedonists. [1a]


Both the ruling classes and the other Cults are suspicious of the cult and priests receive little respect from their peers. They often have personalities that match one of the four aspects of the god. [1a]


  • One coin in ten belongs to Ranald. [1a]
  • Ranald frowns upon unnecessary violence. [1a]
  • Live by wits, not your sword. [1a]
  • Any true devotee of Ranlad uses the dagger and stiletto, only amateurs and the slow-witted need armour and long sword. [1a]
  • It is better to live free and die, rather than sufer under oppression. [1a]
  • There is no honour among thieves, yet trust in your brothers and sisters. [1a]


The hunter calls to Taal to bring game into his sights. The sailor asks Manann to keep the storm away from his ship. Soldiers plead to Sigmar to keep them alive on the battlefield. This is all just luck, which means that Ranald is the One that ultimately answers these prayers.

~ Gustav Adelbrecht, Priest of Ranald. [1a]