Cult of Shallya

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Priestess of Shallya

The Cult of Shallya is the organised worship of the Goddess Shallya across the Old World. [1a]

Shallya's priests, who are mostly female, are able healers, trained in the arts of healing and midwifery, and invaluable wherever there is plague, war, or strife.

The cult of Shallya is a peaceful one, and does not take active steps against enemy cults. The one cult they are not complacent towards is that of Nurgle, whose followers are expected to be thwarted. The Cult of Shallya has no military Templar order of its own, instead relying on others for protection. The only official holy order of the Cult is composed of the priests themselves, and is called the Order of the Bleeding Heart.

Holy Days

Shallya has no specific holy days but it is customary to make a sacrifice to the goddess each year on anniversary of one's birth.



The Cult is on friendly terms with most other Old World cults. The warlike nature of Ulric means the two cults are not closely allied. There is some distrust towards Ranald, as it is believed that Ranald was once a human who managed to trick Shallya into becoming a god. She already forgave him but her followers are only human and some of them fail to follow her example.


Followers of Shallya lead a life according to strictures of pacifism and mercy. They are forbidden from taking a human life, even in self-defense, although a follower of Shallya would not be expected to preserve the life of a follower of Nurgle. The lives of other intelligent races cannot be taken except in self-defense. Followers are expected to provide healing to anyone in need. Priests never wear armor, or use shields or weapons with the exception of a staff.


Poor Kislevites in Talabheim know her as Salyak, the Giver of Charity whose sect provide soup kitchens, even if they themselves must go hungry. [1a]



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