Cult of Sotek

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The Cult of Sotek is the organised worship of the Lizardmen god Sotek. [1a]


Originally Sotek was a new, upstart god of the Skinks but following the great victories of Tehenhauin who paved the way for the full manifestation of the god, he became the chief diety of the Lizardmen. [1a]

The Slann Mage-Priests decreed that each temple-city would have a new pyramid-temple created for his worship. [1a]

The cult is especially powerful in the city of Zlatlan in the Southlands which the god protects from the skaven. [1a]


Each temple has a sacred snake pit where sacrifices to the god are thrown to the vast, centuries old snake that lairs in its depths although Sotek relishes the taste of Skaven most of all [1a]

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