Cult of Stromfels

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The Cult of Stromfels is the organised worship of the God Stromfels. [1a]

Areas of Worship

Almost all of his cultists call him by the same name, except in Estalia where he is known as El Bicho del Mar. He is worshipped along all the rivers and coasts of the Old World as well as a isolated cult in eastern Stirland, whose own legends are they are descended from a pirate band that fled inland. [1a]


Cultists believe that he is the true form of Manann - the sea in all its fury and its power over life and death. [1a]

Friends and Enemies

The cult considers both the followers of Chaos and the Cult of Manann as their enemies and is neutral to those of other deities. [1a]


When the High Elves signed a treaty with the Empire in 2150 IC, the persecution of the cult of Stromfels was one of its terms making its worship a capital offence. [2a]

Holy Days

His holy days are Mitterfruhl (spring equinox) the start of hunting season and Mittherbst, the Autumn equinox for the start of the storm season. [1a][2a]


Cults worship in secret grottos, caves, hidden chapels and shrines where sacrifices are tossed to sharks that congregate in pools leading to the sea. In other areas, the shrine may just be a Icon in a locker or a certain rock on a beach. Some cities such as Brionne and Moussillon have semi-clandestine shrines in their sailors' guildhalls. [1a]

  • Sartosa: Casa Squallo: The only known true temple to the god was once a place of worship for Myrmidia but is now decorated in prate loot from across the world. [1a][2a]



  • Do not show mercy to prisoners - if they deserved to live, they would have been strong enough to resist capture. [1a]
  • Gatherings of more than ten cultists (and any priest, wherever he finds himself) must offer Human or Sea Elf sacrifice every equinox and solstice, preferably during a storm. [1a]
  • Priests of Manaan have their tongues cut out and be thrown to the sharks after torture.[1a]


  • Bolt of Lightning. [2a]
  • Huge Shark. [2a]
  • Trident dripping blood. [2a]


He might task a cultist with participating in or leading a particularly daring raid, perhaps to desecrate a temple or shrine of Manaan. [1a]

Those who offend the god are forced to fight a shark with only a dagger for a weapon.[1a]