Cult of Tzeentch

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Sorcerer-cultist of Tzeentch

The Cult of Tzeentch is the organised worship of the Chaos God Tzeentch. [1a]

Followers of the Change of Ways usually seek others of their kind, with the leader of the cult relishing the opportunity to scheme and persuade, blackmail and lie to increase the size and power of their congregation. [1a]

Cultists of Tzeentch can be found throughout society and their cults are often long lasting, existing for decades or even centuries undetected and waiting for the right time to act on behalf of their master.[1a]

When gathering to worship, they often favour elaborate and bizare masks, hiding identities and confirming that all are equal before Tzeentch. The god does not make things easy for his followers who must try and discern his will and intentions through clues and then enact the complex plans as he wills it.[1a]

Most cults have at least some magically active members, perhaps having been taught to use their power by Daemons of the God. These Daemons use all their guile to manipulate their way out of any pacts and are more than happy to convert a summoner into a Chaos Spawn before returning in triumph to the Realm of Chaos. [1a]

North of Kislev his followers can be found in warbands and armies of Norsca that rampage south across the world.

Friends and Enemies

The cults often act against those of other gods and seldom communicates with other cults of the Great Conspirator and may act against each other. [1a]

Gifts of Tzeentch

  • Daemonhood: Mortals can be gifted immortality by becoming a Daemon but many simply become a Spawn of Chaos. [1a]
  • Knowledge: Tzeentch can provide magical lore and wisdom, whispering the answers to the secrets of the universe in dreams. [1a]
  • Madness: Many, especially followers of the god, believe that only the insane can truly comprehend their masters’ plans. [1a]
  • Mutation: The Changer of Ways loves to reward his followers with a variety of mutations. [1a]


in 2518 IC, a cult summoned daemon horrors to rampage through the streets of Auerswald for several weeks before the Imperial army fought and banished them. Priests then took a further year to ritually cleanse the town. [1a]

Holy Days

Worshippers often have to memorise a ever-changing list of numbers that dictate when holy days occur and whose patterns have never been established. [2a]


Worshippers can learn Petty Magic, Battle Magic, Daemonology, Necromancy and the Lore of Tzeentch. [2a]

Mark of Tzeentch

It often takes the form of a serpentine flame like symbol. [1a]

Notable Cults


The favoured colours are pink and purple. [2a]