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Ulric, god of Battle, Wolves and Winter

Ulric is the God of Battle, Wolves and Winter in the pantheon of the Old World. He is the younger brother of Taal.

He is portrayed as a massive warrior, armoured in the style of the barbarians who inhabited The Empire several centuries ago, wearing a silver grey wolf-skin cloak, and wielding a great axe. He can also appear as a huge silver-grey wolf.

The symbol of Ulric is the wolf.

Holy days

Ulric's holy days are the autumn equinox, the winter solstice, and spring equinox.

Holy days are spent holding military parades with huge bonfires and feasting into the night.


Ulric is a distant, harsh and unforgiving god, who expects his followers to stand on their own two feet, putting their faith in martial prowess. He praises courage, individual valour, and ferocity and despises weakness, cowardice, and trickery.

Underhandedness of all kinds is anathema to Ulric's nature of honour and directness. Except for attacking from ambush and using camouflage, subterfuge and deceit are forbidden. Gunpowder weapons and crossbows are also prohibited.

Military superiors are to be obeyed, except where the order would lead to violating another of Ulric's precepts.


Worshipped by warriors and soldiers, his following is strongest in the north of the Empire, but his cult is found in other parts of the Old World. Middenheim is the heart of his cult, and the base of the Ar-Ulric, the chief priest of Ulric. The Ar-Ulric is also an Elector, and one of the most politically influential and important people in the Empire.

The city is fiercely protected by the powerful Knights of the White Wolf, proud warriors and respected champions of Ulric.

With Ulric's accent on strength, honour and directness in battle, the followers of Ranald are regarded as underhanded and dishonourable.

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