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The Cult of Ursun is the organised worship of the god Ursun, mainly in Kislev.

The ancient Gospodars worshipped bears as sacred creatures. The bear Ursun is often depicted as a cave bear with a crown, teeth and claws of glistening gold. He can also take human form and will appear as a burly, bearded man with an age-worn face, thick hairy arms and a great mop of hair and wearing nothing but a loincloth (making him stand out as any normal human would freeze wearing that little clothing).[1a]

Despite his wild nature, Ursun is as popular in the cities as he is in the oblast.[1b]

Friends & Enemies

Generally, followers of Ursun don't concern themselves with other religions. They are at odds with that of Ulric, but it is more of a matter of pride but contests of strength-at-arms and other physical rivalry is common. They have strong ties with Taal due to the worship of animals, although they commonly clash over whether it is right to worship just one animal, or all animals as equals.[1a][2a]


As the Great War against Chaos ravaged Kislev, the organised Cult was scattered to the winds and almost vanished with so many cities and towns devastated. When Tzar Boris Bokha encountered Urskin, he took the God’s name as his own and brought the faith back to Kislev with a vengeance. However His daughter, Katarin, did not follow in the role of high priest, although she remains dutiful to Father Bear. [1b]

Holy Days

There are two holy days, Waking Day on the Spring Equinox when cultists gather to make as much noise as possible to awaken Ursun from his winter sleep and the Final Feast on the Autumn Equinox where the first harvest is offered up to Ursun so that he might prepare for his next long winter sleep.[1a][1b][2a]



Those who wish to become a priest of Ursun must enter the wilderness with only a knife and a bow and return with a tamed bear. This may take years to accomplish. [1b]

Each town and city has a chief priest (often called a Speaker) who speaks for Ursun and for his followers. He also leads hunts and punishes those who offend the god. [1b]

A high Priest is chosen on occassion and they become the chief priest of Kislev. [1b]


  • Do not hunt a bear at winter, instead they let it sleep.[1a][2a]
  • Bears must be killed by hand or arrow, not by dogs or traps.[1a][2a]
  • You may only wear any part of a bear you have killed.[1a][2a]
  • Eat fish once per week but never fish and some other meat on the same day. [1a][2a]
  • Never perform ablutions indoors.[1a][2a]


Bears and bear faces are most common, although they might also wear a medallion of gold shaped like a bears claw. Some people, the most devout of followers, wear bearskin cloaks or wear a bears paw as a talisman. Some even wear a bear's skull over their helmets or fixed to their shields.[1a][2a]


Ursun has no temples but rough cairns and standing stones have been raised to him. Caves inhabited by dangerous bears are sometimes turned into shrines, filled with offerings of fish and berries with rough lamps. Areas in cities have tall trees and are treated as sacred ground. Fish or hunks of meat are sometimes nailed to doors in an attempt to attract Ursun's spirit.[1a][2a]


The gods are great, but only a fool would forgoe sturdy armour and entrust their life to a god!.

~ Borya Bearfinder, Priest of Ursun.[4a]


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