Cult of the Yellow Fang

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The Cult of the Yellow Fang is a forbidden Cult in the Empire that worship the Horned Rat. [1a]

Some humans believe that the Empire and perhaps the world is doomed and have decided that to survive and even prosper, they need to throw in with the winners. [1a]

The priesthood is reserved for true Skaven. [1a]


These must be followed to the letter, on pain of torture and/or death. [1a]

  • Never reveal the Cult to an outsider. [1a]
  • Always strive to tear down the works of the Empire. [1a]
  • Plant the seeds of doubt, fear. [1a]
  • Sacrifice a Dwarf, Elf or Halfling or human once a quarter when the Chaos Moon is in its first quarter. [1a]


They cult use both a stylised Skaven triangle, one of the lower points yellow and longer and a curved dagger. Some cult members knock out one of their incisors and stain it yellow, hanging it around their neck, others have a small yellow fang tatooed under their upper arm. [1a]


One of the cult wrote Rattus Rex Conspiratus describing interviews between the author and Skittertongue, a Skaven apparently opposed to the Council of Thirteen. [2a]