Cult of the Yellow Fang

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The Cult of the Yellow Fang is a forbidden Cult in the Empire that worship the Horned Rat. [1a]

Some humans believe that the Empire and perhaps the world is doomed and have decided that to survive and even prosper, they need to throw in with the winners. [1a]

The priesthood is reserved for true Skaven. [1a]


These must be followed to the letter, on pain of torture and/or death. [1a]

  • Never reveal the Cult to an outsider. [1a]
  • Always strive to tear down the works of the Empire. [1a]
  • Plant the seeds of doubt, fear. [1a]
  • Sacrifice a Dwarf, Elf or Halfling or human once a quarter when the Chaos Moon is in its first quarter. [1a]


They cult use both astylised Skaven triangle, one of the lower points yellow and longer and acurved dagger. Some cult members knock out one of their incisors and stain it yellow, hanging it around their neck, others have a small yellow fang tatooed under their upper arm. [1a]


One of the cult wrote Rattus Rex Conspiratus describing interviews between the author and Skittertongue, a Skaven apparently opposed to the Council of Thirteen. [2a]