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A mighty Daemon Prince.

Daemon Princes are some of the most colossal servants of the Chaos Gods are hallowed with horrific powers and immortality amongst the Hordes of Chaos. Every Daemon Prince was at one time a devoted servant of Chaos, whose activities in life have earned themselves blessings and elevation to daemonhood, the ultimate goal of every servant of Chaos.[2] From there Daemon Princes can decide to continue leading their companions within the mortal realm, living as a demi-god amongst their men,[4] while others will leave their followers to reside within the Realm of Chaos, leading daemonic armies.[5] No matter what option they select, Daemon Princes are without doubt amongst the deadliest servants of the Chaos Gods, capable of crushing even the bravest of mortal champions.

Daemon Princes vary dramatically in size and appearance. These differences can be the results of many things such as their age and what Chaos God/s they worship. Their skills vary as well. While most are mighty warriors, wielding unholy weapons, others can be (or are also) powerful wizards, especially those who follow Tzeentch. Flight is another such variable gift which nsome, but not all, Daemon Princes have.[1] This gift is the most rarest to the Daemonic servants of Nurgle.

Weaker alternatives to Daemon Princes are known as Exalted Daemons.

Marks of the Gods

Aside from the "standard" Daemon Princes of Chaos Undivided, many followers of a particular god will be raised to daemonhood, gaining specific benefits as a result.

  • Daemon Princes of Khorne are stronger physically than other gods Daemon Princes and are mighty warriors in close quarter combat. They terrorise their foes with an un-ending frenzy of madness), pursuing a foe until the end. Khornate Daemon Princes are blood-hungry, just like Khorne himself and spill it to show their honour and praise of him. The gift of flight is most common to Khorne's Daemon Princes.[2]
  • Daemon Princes of Tzeentch are renowned to be some of the most gifted spellcasters in the Old World. They are able to wield potent magical abilities with devastating precision and ease. Tzeentchian Daemon Princes can also use their powers of sorcery to control both their own daemonic instability and heal all but the most grievous wounds they or their troops suffer. These Daemon Princes can also have the gift of foresight, letting them see into the future. They can then use this knowledge to become even more effective military commanders. Tzeentch's Daemon Princes are the least effective in combat, but best at magic, with flight and spellcasting gifts very commonly bestowed.[2]
  • Daemon Princes of Nurgle are among the most morbid, disease ridden creatures in all the Old World. Nurglesque Daemon Princes are created from the blighted soul-stuff of the most resilient of Father Nurgle's mortal followers. Nurgle's Daemon Princes wield very rusty weapons which drip with the most noxious of infections which in combination with their bloated nauseating bodies make very repulsive, intimidating beings. Sorcery is one gift which can be bestowed to a Nurglesque Daemon Prince. They are the slowest and largest of all Daemon Princes, but are also the toughest and most resilient.[1]
  • Daemon Princes of Slaanesh are renowned for their grace and glamour. At the same time they are also vicious, merciless fighters who can attack with astonishing speed and grace. Slaaneshi Daemon Princes also serve their Dark Prince by attempting to corrupt his enemies and turn them on themselves to become his allies with lustful promises. Slaanesh's Daemon Princes are without doubt the fastest of all Daemon Princes and can potentially be potent wizards, using their patron deity's lores of pain and pleasure.[1]

Notable Daemon Princes


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