Daemon Prince in the Mortal Realms

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Daemon Princes are Daemons of Chaos. It is said that many Daemon Princes roam the edges of each world glorying in their power or taking out their angst from dreading their return to the Realm of Chaos in secret.[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Be'lakor Daemons of Chaos Daemon Prince Daemon Prince Known by many different names, this Daemon Prince of Chaos is a master of unholy abilities and weapon that once commanded legions of unnatural beings.
Lord Skinskein Khorne Bloodbound Daemon Prince Daemon Prince Ruler of Ghorddro, one of the major regions of the Orb Infernia.
Balghor Khorne Bloodbound Daemon Prince Daemon Prince The leader of the Bloodbound warband known as the Iron Horde.
Valkia the Bloody Khorne Bloodbound Daemon Queen Daemon Prince A brutal, winged queen whose very presence inspires the followers of Khorne. For wherever she goes, the eye of Khorne follows.
Kravoth Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince Daemon Prince The Scourge of Lethradel. A Godsworn Overlord who leads Kravoth's Reavers.


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