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Demon Summoning

Daemonology is used by those who study the dread Realm of Chaos, hoping to gain mastery over its deamonic inhabitants. [1a]


Daemonologists, through invocations and rituals summon forth powerful Daemons hoping to bind them to their will or into objects that they can use to aid them in their life or in warfare. Most Daemonologists however fall foul of the very beings they seek to master and become nothng more than their slaves. [1a]


  • Bind Demon: A group of Demons or a single Greater Demon, unless they resist the spell are put into statis for a few moments. [3b]
  • Daemonic Amulet: A single Daemon can be bound to the amulet. [2]
  • Daemonic Familiars: The enemy is attacked by familiars, slashing with incorporeal teeth and claws. [1b]
  • Daemonic Vessel: The allies of the Daemonologist are possessed by otherworldly entities which fill them with unatural power. [1b]
  • Daemonic Vigour: The allies of the caster are filled with forbidden vitality and speed. [1b]
  • Demonic Portal: Uncontrolled Demons enter the world and attack everything. [3e]
  • Dispel Demon Horde: A single group of demons are banished.[3e]
  • Dispel Greater Demon: Unless the spell is resisted, the Demon is banished from the material realm. [3e]
  • Dispel Lesser Demon: Unless the spell is resisted, the Demon is banished from the material realm. [3b]
  • Gathering Darkness: Strange forms are called forth which drain the enemies courage with their whispered taunts. [1b]
  • Hellride: A summoned and controlled Daemonic steed can be ridden, travelling at huge speed at the edge of reality. [2]
  • Spread Insanity: Living creatures within 24yds must resist the aura of diabolic power or flee. [3d]
  • Steed of Shadows: A coal-black steed appears and can bear the wizard aloft on its wings of shadow. [1b]
  • Stop Demonic Instability: Target Demons are immune to instability for a short while. [3b]
  • Summon Daemonic Creaure: A single Daemon manifests and must be controlled. [2]
  • Summon Daemonic Pack: A small group of Daemons are summoned.[2]
  • Summon Demon Horde: A large group of lesser Demons are summoned and wil serve the caster for a few hours if bound to their will. [3e]
  • Summon Energy: Magical power is gifted to the caster by the spell. [3c]
  • Summon Great Power: A writhing mist of pure power is summoned that boosts the caster. [3e]
  • Summon Guardian: A single lesser Demon is summoned and will serve the caster for a short while. [3b]
  • Summon Greater Demon: A Greater Demon appears and may be controlled. [3f]
  • Summon Lesser Demons: A large group of Demons are called to the material world and will serve the caster for several hours. [3c]
  • Summon Magical Aid: A writhing mist gifts the caster with a magical spell. [3c]
  • Summon Steed: A steed appears nearby and serves the summoner for several hours. [3b]
  • Summon Total Power: Pure power is summoned, hugely boosting the caster. [3f]
  • The Summoning: Daemonic beasts attack the foes of the caster. [1a]
  • Vortex of Chaos: A tear in reality is conjured and Daemons grasp at any who venture near. [1b]
  • Zone of Demonic Protection: A 6-yard diameter area is created that forbids Demons from entering. [3b]
  • Zone of Demonic Nullification: A 6-yard diameter is formed which makes any Demons unstable and even prevents them from firing magical missiles. [3c]



In early editions, Daemons were called Demons. [3a]


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