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Daemons of Chaos includes not just the minor daemons too debased to be claimed by a god but also Daemon Princes and Soul Grinders.[1]

The Furies chase what soul scraps they can, feral scavengers in the Realm of Chaos yet others withn that realm, once mortal now Daemon Princes, serve no one god yet still strive for power in their own right. Soul Grinders in contrast to both are brutal warmachines powered by trapped daemons who seek to reap an ever increasing tally of souls to finally escape their bondage.[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Be'lakor Daemons of Chaos Daemon Prince Daemon Prince Known by many different names, this Daemon Prince of Chaos is a master of unholy abilities and weapon that once commanded legions of unnatural beings.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Be'lakor M01.jpg
Be'lakor Daemons of Chaos Chaos Warscroll
Daemon Prince M03.jpg
Daemon Prince Daemons of Chaos Chaos Warscroll
Fury M01.jpg
Fury Daemons of Chaos Chaos
Soul Grinder M01.jpg
Soul Grinder Daemons of Chaos Chaos Warscroll


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