Dance of the Skulls

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The Dance of the Skulls is a highly ceremonial ballroom dance performed by Soulblight vampires, human nobles and slaves. [1]

The Dance

Vampires and human nobles will first face each other in two lines. Servants then give each of the vampires an enthralled human slave with silver chains wrapped around their neck whilst each mortal noble holds a skull shaped ivory bowl. The music then begins as the dancers move together in groups of four, two human, two undead, although the the true partners in each cluster are the vampires. Throughout the dance, the vampire partners willl braoke eye contact with each other - amongst the blood and death - all that matters is the intimate but non physical contact between the partners.[1]

As the music hits its first crescendo, the dancers complete a turn and the vampires cut the throats of the slaves. The dance then progresses and the vampires must controll the blood and as the humans whirl around them they must in turn catch the blood in the skulls. Then, at the begiining of each refrain, the humans bow and present the blood for the vampires to drink. The dance is without pause and it is forbidden for even a single drop of blood to fall to the floor until the dance ends. The final act, the vampires will decapitate the slaves and then swap skulls with the mortal nobles.[1]