Dark Elf Master

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A Dark Elf Master.

Dark Elf Masters are the nobles of Dark Elven society, sustained by the misery they inflict upon others. Those that manage to survive to adulthood are sent on a year-long raiding expedition. Dark Elves abhor weakness of any sort, so those youths that fail to make their mark during this time do not endure long thereafter. Some are slain by ambitious rivals; others are murdered by their own families, who can neither toleration nor risk weakling's presence. Should the stripling acquit himself well during this rite of passage, he begins his ascent through Naggarothi society.

However, this is a ladder with very greasy rungs, and more nobles perish in the climb than ever reach the heady heights of becoming a Dreadlord. To alleviate the understandable paranoia engendered by the Dark Elves' treacherous society, a rigid code of etiquette has evolved. The lowborn classes may not approach within three sword lengths of a noble without being summoned. A retainer may stand as close as two sword lengths whilst a trusted retainer, such as a bodyguard, may stand just outside a single sword's length. The closest, most intimate space is reserved for lovers, playthings and mortal foes (the latter being far more trustworthy within reach than not).


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