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Darkling Covens are normally led by a powerful aelf sorceress, occasionally a male wizard, many of whom fled to the Realm of Azyr.[1]


During the Age of Chaos the invading armies of Chaos destroyed many aelven empires in the Realm of Shadow and powerful sorceresses and wizardqueens were driven back to the safety of Azyrheim. Upon arrival in the Eternal City of Azyrheim, these shadowy spellcasters remained apart from their fellow refugees. Insular by nature, they were unwilling to share their accumulated knowledge and expertise with the already established Eldritch Council or the Collegiate Arcane. Instead, they formed their own cults and hidden orders. Collectively, these would become known as the Darkling Covens. [1][2a]


Each Coven is ruled by a single sorceress with the aid of several underlings and major-domos. While these retinues of major-domos and generals take care of matters beneath their concern, Sorceresses have absolute power over their Covens. Darkling Covens can field entire regiments of dominated soldiers, ensorcelled aelves who will throw away their lives without hesitation to protect their mistress. The Black Guard, the elite bodyguards of the sorceresses are an exception and retains their free will. The Executioners are skull masked warriors that are not part of the Darkling Covens but fight alongside them for mysterious reasons.[2a]

During their time in Azyr the Covens continued to practise their rituals of sorcery and enchantment but beneath layers of misdirection and illusion as not to attract the attention of Sigmar's Witch Hunters and Shadowblades. They seeded their influence into the workings of the Eternal City with human Freeguild soldiers, duardin clan chiefs and aelven rangers falling victim to bewitching spells of the Sorceresses. The Darkling Covens have developed some of the finest and most widespread spy networks in the Eight Realms with many secretly enacting the desires of the Covens, their mind shackled by dark enchantments.[2a]

On occasion they will find common purpose with the armies of Azyrheim but always with a specific goal that benefits their quest for power. Some are also on good terms with the Order Serpentis as during the Age of Myth the Sorceresses aided the Order in the creation of the first Black Dragons and many sorceresses ride upon one of their black Dragons as they fight again in the Mortal Realms. Some Darkling Covens have also found common cause with the Idoneth Deepkin and even provide them with shipments of rich souls in exchange for promises of aid in the future.[1][2a]


Image Unit Faction Grand
Black Guard M01.jpg
Black Guard Darkling Covens Order Warscroll
Bleaksword M01.jpg
Bleaksword Darkling Covens Order Warscroll
Darkshard M01.jpg
Darkshard Darkling Covens Order Warscroll
Dreadspear M01.jpg
Dreadspear Darkling Covens Order Warscroll
Executioner M01.jpg
Executioner Darkling Covens Order Warscroll
Sorceress M01.jpg
Sorceress Darkling Covens Order Warscroll
Sorceress on Black Dragon M01.jpg
Sorceress on Black Dragon Darkling Covens Order Warscroll

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