Darkling Covens Armoury

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Name Description Notes
Shadowshroud Ring

This obsidian ring emits a cloud of black shadow that hides the bearer if it is turned round the wearer's finger three times.
Incorporeal Retainer A creature of pure shadow that protects a Sorceress by deflecting strikes.
Anklet of Epiphany A cuff that allows its wearer to draw power from the buried energies hidden in the Realm since the Age of Myth.
Decanter of Egos A crystalline flask used by a Sorceress to store the souls of those she bewitches. She can apportion the stored animus amongst her thralls.
Heart of Woe A amulet that becomes infused with the life-force of its wearer. Should they be slain the blackened gem explodes with spiteful energy.
Shadesliver A thin-bladed dagger that becomes deadlier each time it is bathed in the blood of its victims. It was forged from the folded shadow of a sleeping god.

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