Darkoath Warqueen

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Darkoath Warqueens are the leaders of barbarians tribes that have proved her supremacy and right to rule by victory on the arena of the bloody skies, defeating a thousand challengers and monstrous behemoths to prove her might or as visionaries that do the will of the Dark Gods. Darkoath chieftains may adorn themselves with the skins and skulls of mythical beasts as well as humans they have killed in such battles, but the title of queen or king is only granted when they have been matched against a powerful daemon and emerged triumphant.[1][2]

On the eve of battle, a Darkoath Warqueen will be visited by a mind-numbingly stark vision of the future their patron gods require of them. A future that can only be made a reality by their actions, for which they will wage great wars that will destroy entire nations. [2]

Every Darkoath Warqueen is a gifted leader and a champion that has sworn dark oaths to their gods on the sacred oathstones of their tribes and staked their heart and soul on the outcome. In return their patron Chaos gods have gifted them a measure of divine power, not only to bolster their strength but also to give them a prescience on the intentions of dark gods. In battle, the Darkoath War queen fights with her axe glowing with a killing animus and the protective runes upon her shield blazing with power while an almost palpable dark aura crowns her. [2]