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Dathus is a Lord-Relictor of the Gravewalkers Chamber of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost.

He is one of the defenders of the city of Glymmsforge in the Realm of Shyish.[1]


Azyr and Shyish. Apex and nadir. The Heavens are potential writ large. They stir the soul and feed the soil. They bring light to the darkness and cast long shadows. All things are possible, if one but looks to the stars. But in Death, potential ends. It damps the fires of creation and brings silence to all places. I hear him, in the hollows of my soul. Like a great bell, tolling the end of all days. He wishes to recast us all in his image and make all souls one with his own. He will devour us, wholly and utterly, if we let him.

~ Dathus to Calys Eltain . [1a]