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Daughters of Khaine is a deadly aelf cult that worships the god of battle and death, Khaine.[1]


In Azyrheim the Grand Conclave regard the daughters of Khaine with wary respect, rightfully considering the cults relationship with the Darkling Covens. Warrior queens rule the cult, fabled blood rituals keeping them strong and seemingly unaging. In battle they and their lithe Witch Aelf followers perform a gory dance of slaughter, feeding the enchanted cauldrons that accompany their warbands. [1] Bloodwrack Medusae ride atop shrines weaving powerful magics whilst shadowy Doomfire Warlocks gallop into battle on dark steeds.[2d]


The Daughters divide themselves into Sects which worship different aspects of the lost god Khaine, within those sects they follow a strict hierarchy. At the pinnacle is Morathi, the High Oracle, she who speaks with the iron voice of the God and directly beneath her are the High Priestesses - Bloodwrack Medusae, Hag Queens and Slaughter Queens. Some Sects put Slaughter Queens above Hag Queens and vice versa.[2d]

The true Khainites are warriors and divided into two groups, the Scáthborn and the Sisterhood of Blood. The Scáthborn are only partially aelvish in form, souls stolen from the imprisoned god Slaanesh and reformed by Morathi in the Máthcoir - the great cauldron. The Sisterhood are naturally born Witch Aelves and Sisters of Slaughter and only amongst the Kraith are they ranked as highly as the Scáthborn although in all sects, Morathi may choose the most faithful and beautiful to be granted the high honour of being changed into a Medusae.[2d]

Lowest of all are the Leathanam, the workers and it is in this caste that the majority of the males can be found - Morathi having re-forged the weakest she recovered from Slaanesh into males and even the those now born into the world are also weak, their strength magically siphoned off to boost the Máthcoir and Morathi. A few males however have a connection to Ulgu and flourish, these are tolerated, but branded with control runes that they are told are defensive enchantments against Slaanesh.[2f]


  • Draichi Ganeth: The Bladed Killers. The best known sect and very familiar to all the citizens of the Sigmarite cities.[2e]
  • Hagg Nar: Daughters of the First Temple The Chosen of Khaine they control the greatest temple and artefacts of the Cult. [2e]
  • Khailebron: Famed amongst the cult as superlative Assassins.[2e]
  • Khelt Nar: Frequently attacked by followers of Chaos it is centred around a temple stronghold founded by Morathi herself.[2e]
  • The Kraith: The Crimson Cult, bloodthirsty killers even within their own cult.[2e]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Cesse Daughters of Khaine High Priestess Aelf In the Age of Sigmar, she commands the temple-stronghold in the Valley of the Oracle's Eye in the Realm of Ghyran.
Druthara Daughters of Khaine Hag Queen Aelf Following the opening of the Stormvaults, she led a force accompanied Morathi herself to claim the Face of Khaine, an ancient artefact forged from Ur-Gold.
Faonora Daughters of Khaine Hag Queen Aelf In the Age of Sigmar she was second-in-command to Hag Queen Druthara.
Krylla Daughters of Khaine Slaughter Queen Aelf A Slaughter Queen of the Kraith sect who perfected coating weapons with Nagendra venom which causes a victims blood to boil.
Selendti Llyr-Xiss Daughters of Khaine Ambassador, Priestess Aelf In the Time of Tribulations she was the Daughters of Khaine's Ambassador to the city of Hammerhal.
Malekandra Daughters of Khaine Hag Queen Aelf Once a trusted handmaiden of Morathi herself she fled Hagg Nar with several relics, murdering a number of her sisters in the process.
Morathi Daughters of Khaine High Oracle of Khaine
Shadow Queen
Aelf The demigoddess leader of the Daughters of Khaine faction.
Vhorskaya Daughters of Khaine High Priestess Aelf The High Priestess of the Daughters of Khaine Temple-arena aboard the Black Ark Eternity of Torment.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Avatar of Khaine M01.jpg
Avatar of Khaine Daughters of Khaine Order
Bloodwrack Medusa M01.jpg
Bloodwrack Medusa Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Bloodwrack Shrine M02.jpg
Bloodwrack Shrine Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Melusai Blood Sister M01.jpg
Blood Sister Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Melusai Blood Stalker M01.jpg
Blood Stalker Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Doomfire Warlock M01.jpg
Doomfire Warlock Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Hag Queen M01.jpg
Hag Queen Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood M01.jpg
Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood Daughters of Khaine Order warscroll
Khinerai Heartrender M01.jpg
Khinerai Heartrender Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Khinerai Lifetaker M01.jpg
Khinerai Lifetaker Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Morathi M01.jpg
Morathi Daughters of Khaine Order High Oracle of Khaine warscroll
Shadow Queen warscroll
Sister of Slaughter M01.jpg
Sisters of Slaughter Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Slaughter Queen M01.jpg
Slaughter Queen Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood M01.jpg
Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll
Witch Aelf M01.jpg
Witch Aelf Daughters of Khaine Order Warscroll

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