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Deathlords are the most powerful of the servants of Nagash


Nagash is the supreme lord of the undead and claims service from all dwell in the Realm of Shyish and jealously claims dominion over all spirits of the dead. At the top of the hierarchy of death are the Deathlords, the Mortarchs whose lives and memories stretch back to the World-that-was. Guarding them like royal bodyguards are the Morghasts, powerful winged undead creations of bone and shadow that fight with ghostly blades, the Morghast Harbingers, and spectral glaives, the Morghast Archai.[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Crelis Arul Deathlords
Necromancer Human The Lady of All Flesh, mistress of Deadwalkers.
Tamra ven-Drak Deathlords High Queen of the North Skeleton The High-Queen of the North, During the Age of Chaos she was transformed by Nagash into a Deathlord to command the Rictus Clans in his name.
Yaros Deathlords
Wight King Skeleton Yaros of Dmezny, the Hero of Orthad, Grand Prince and Lord Rattlebone.
Arkhan the Black Deathlords Mortarch of Sacrament Skeleton Only Arhkan the Black is truly loyal to Nagash and it is he that the supreme lord of the undead often choses to lead his armies and carry out those tasks he would trust to no one else.
Mannfred von Carstein Deathlords
Mortarch of Night Vampire Mannfred often seems to be scheming against his lord, but just as frequently he carries out his masters will nonetheless.
Orpheon Katakros Ossiarch Bonereapers Mortarch of the Necropolis - -
Neferata Deathlords
Mortarch of Blood Vampire Queen Neferata serves him (reluctantly) not just through her armies, sorcery and skill at arms, all of which are formidable but with her vast network of spies that spans the Realms.
Olynder Nighthaunt Mortarch of Grief Malignant She commands the Nighthaunt legions being possessed of a misery that projects from her in deadly waves.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Arkhan M01.jpg
Arkhan the Black Deathlords Death Warscroll
Mannfred M01.jpg
Mannfred Deathlords Death Warscroll
Morghast Archai M01.jpg
Morghast Archai Deathlords Death Warscroll
Morghast Harbinger M01.jpg
Morghast Harbinger Deathlords Death Warscroll
Nagash M02.jpg
Nagash Deathlords Death Warscroll
Neferata M01.jpg
Neferata Deathlords Death Warscroll


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