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File:Demigryph Knight M01 FB.jpg
A unit of Demigryph mounted knights.

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Demigryphs are frightening creatures that could possibly be related to Griffons. They are used as mounts for Demigryph Knights and other high-ranking members of The Empire. This is due to their frightening strength, massively powerful beaks, and viciously sharp claws which allows them to rip through armored opponents with ease. Among several Knightly Orders it is the last act of an aspiring knight to capture a demigryph for use as his mount. These orders are usually small, but their ability to bring all of their brother knights to battle on such monstrous mounts lead to them having lists of battle honors that rival those of much larger orders.[1]

The most famous demigryph is most likely Reaper, the mount of Theodore Bruckner, the Judicial Champion of Nuln and Countess Emmanuelle's Headsman. Reaper is also one of the largest demigryphs ever recorded.Needs Citation