Dracothian Guard

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A Concussor of the Tempest Lords

Concussors are members of the Dracothian Guard that wield Lightning Hammers into battle, stunning their enemies with shocks of azure thunder.[2]


Two Desolators lead by a Lord-Celestant on Dracoth fighting Bloodletters

Desolators are members of the Dracothian Guard that are armed with Thunderaxes and Sigmarite shield, using their lighting arc to slay all those not striked down by their Dracoth's breath.[3]


A Fulminator of the Hammers of Sigmar

Fulminators are the Dracothian Guards armed with Stormstrike Glaives and Sigmarite Shields. They are considered the tip of the spear and they clear the path for the rest to follow.[5]


A Tempestor of the Hammers of Sigmar

Tempestors are the Dracothian Guard that charge into battle armed with Volleystorm Crossbows, ranged weapons that shoot hails of bolts that burn like blazing meteorites, a Warblade and a Sigmarite Shield. They can concentrate their fire to fell powerful foes or open enemy lines so the rest of the Dracothian Guard can exploit.[4]