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Dhurgan is a Fyreslayer Auric Runesmiter.

A prominent member of the Vostarg lodge, Dhurgan often fights alongside his kin, stoking the fire of battle in all those who can hear or see him. He is usually to be found alongside the bodyguard of the Runefather Bael-Grimnir, the Vosguard.[1] He is a favourite of both the Runefather and also Vaegor who many believe he will succeed. [5a]

Dhurgar rides Skarung the Glowerwyrm, an ancient Magmadroth. [1]


During the Realmgate Wars he spearheaded the creation of magmic tunnels as the Vostarg led the Stormcast Eternals to Bloodkeep, despite the corrupted nature of the rock that he bored through. [5a]