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Dien Ch'ing is a servant of Tsien-Tsin and Master of the Mystic Martial Arts.[1a]

Each morning he casts Yarrow Sticks to help foretell the future. [1b]


In the west he tended to wear a concealing black steeple-hood like other members of the Crusade of Purity. He has long fingernails and a stringy long moustache. [1a]


He was born in 2446 IC. [2a]

Following clashes with the warrior monks of the Monkey-King he departed his homeland, moving through the Darklands assisted by Goblins to the shores of the Blackwater. [1a] Only a single trunk did he bring with him, exquisitely carved and full of magical artefacts, itself blessed by a High Priest of Tsien-Tsin and magically protected. [1b]

He was contacted by Yefimovich, a Kislevite High Priest of Tzeentch, who requested that he infiltrate the moral crusade of Claes Glinka and twist its intention. So in time Glinka sent caravans of prisoners to him which Dien then dispatched the young men as mining slaves to the Darklands, any young women to the slave markets Araby with rest becoming mere food for the goblins. In addition many Guardians of Morality were successfully tainted with warpstone, hidden behind hoods and masks. Dien considered the whole operation extremely amusing. [1a]

Discovering that two escapees from his slave caravan, Vukotich and Genevieve Dieudonné were spying on Yefimovich, he summoned an ancestor spirit, Xhou Ch'ing to deal with them. [1b] He asked them to remain in the forests, not interfere and they would be rewarded or suffer exquisite torments - however Genevieve banished him using the silver of her shackle. [1c] Disappointed, Dien summoned the Five Element Masters, chief subjects of his god to bar their path. [1d]

On the shores of the Blackwater he intended to assassinate Glinka at the Festival of Ulric and blame it on a mutant but was forced to act early when Vukotich and Genevieve Dieudonné arrived, the vampire hving tricked the Masters into destroying each other. When they avoided his magic too, he was forced to fight them hand to hand but Maximilian von Konigswald had recognised Genevieve and Dien soon found himself fighting alone. [1e]

He killed a Wizard who attempted to intervene and made a final attempt to kill Glinka but again was foiled by the pair. Deciding that to stay was futile he flew away, enwrapped within a shadowform dragon, waving a wing at the vampire and stating they would meet again. [1e]


He has attained the Fifth Tier on the Pagoda of Tsien-Tsin. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

He carries a Scimitar. [1a]


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